The modular design of the e-PU60 facilitates a flexible application in a variety of configurations both on-grid and off-grid. It is developed to supply emission free and low noise energy in a variety of environments such as events, construction sites and also in a metropolitan or urban environment. It can be used as main power source in case a grid connection is not available but also for peak shaving, emergency power supply or even EV-charging.

The e-PU60 has a proven and robust design and whilst being compact and light it is capable of providing over 12 hours of power with a single charge. An integrated convertor provides 230/400 3-phase power output. The e-PU60 can be charged from sustainable energy sources such as solar or wind power. In an hybrid mode, with a diesel powered generator, significant fuel and emissions savings can be achieved up to 75% while delivering optimal performance.

A 3-phase grid connection is provided as well as a single phase charging connection.
The performace is monitored and controlled using the Victron Remote Energy Management system, providing a user friendly interface to the system from anywhere in the world.

A variety of differrent modes of operation 

Island Mode 

In island mode, the e-PU60 is used as a standalone power solution, not connected to the electricity grid. In this mode the e-PU60 is suitable for temporary application within zero emissions zones. More and more zero emission zones are being defined, especially in populated areas.

The e-PU45 produces almost no noise which makes it perfectly suitable for nighttime operation. A single charge can provide 12 hours of electrical power. Easy transport is facilitated by the e-PU60, compact and light-weight construction.


 Hybrid Mode 

The e-PU60 can be used in combination with a diesel generator in a smart load management configuration, whereby the combined power of batteries and diesel is used for period of demand peaks. The diesel can and will be switched of during periods of low demand. The e-PU60 can be charged by the diesel generator or from the grid or other sources such as PV panels.

Compared to a traditional configuration, with only a diesel generator, this configuration reduces fuel consumption, noise, emission and results in a lower total costs of ownership (TCO). It may allow the power rating of the diesel generator to be reduced by 40%. Hybrid mode may be ideal for example for events or construction sites.


Full Electric Mode 

In the full electric mode the e-PU60 functions as an Intelligent Peak Shaver. The e-PU60 is charged by electric power from renewable sources like PV solar panels, wind power or from hydrogen fuel cells. The e-PU60 is equipped with connections to allow a direct input from a PV system. It's output power is used to compensate for temporary shortage of available power from the grid connection.

The typical rating of a grid connection on a construction site there is often insufficiently sized for the power demand of the heavy duty machines, required during the construction. The procedures, associated with an increase of the rating of the grid-connection, have a significant effect on cost and schedule. Applying e-PU60 as a peak shaver may remove the need for a rating increase of the grid connection.


 Versatile Input & Output 


Hybrid Genset operational day cycle