The modular and containerized design of the e-PU20 facilitates a flexible lithium-ion energy storage system in a variety of configurations both on-grid and off-grid. It is developed to supply emission free and low noise energy in variety of environments as events, contructions sites and also in a metropolitan or urban environment. It can be used as main power source in case a grid connection is not available but also for peak shaving, emergency power supply or even EV-Charging

The e-PU20 has a proven robust and compact design in standard 20ft ISO dimensions. The product have a power 1000 kVA and a storage capacity of 1000 kWh of energy, where it is possible to linke multiple units to increase the power and capacity. The smart VDL energy management software makes it possible that the e-PU20 can be used in a varienty of modus as: 

  • Micro Grid 
  • Peak Shaving 
  • Smart EV Charging
  • Sychronous grid takeover 
  • Smart Generator Link 

The battery modules in the e-PU1000 are state of the art Lithium-Ion Liquid Cooled batteries, these modules are developed togheter with our battery partner and VDL Bus & Coach. The batteries are Safe, Powerfull and Compact. The e-PU20 has the unique proposition that it is technical suitable for second life battery modules from the VDL New Generation Coaches. This gives the customer a product with guaranteed sustainability, durability and reliability. 



On Market 2024

For more information please contact: info@vdlenergysystems.com